Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happiness .... a great secret


Wht is the genuine meaning of this mysterious word . Anybody in the world wants to be happy even if he can't understand the meaning of happiness.!!!! Yeah this is true. I want my self to be happy . Do U think u will be happy when u own the 1 Million Dollars in ur bank account??? Do u think u will be happy if u have a Cadillac or any high stuff of cars .Look, every time u reach a step in this life u see other steps u should accomplish.If u got the One million dollars then u will be burdening by how u can invest them . After a while u will get the next step that u now invest ur money . Now u got a new huge steps . U need to find some way to improve ur bushiness.

As u are passing through ur bushiness way u will suffer losses u will be depressed . May be u will be so much busy that u even can't listen to music , enjoying good warm friendship or having spare time to read ur favorite comics or novels. U will remember those times while were so much young for all troubles u have now. When u were running and playing without any idea of suffering or paining comes when u feel self-satisfied . ur satisfied with ur way of living with ur style .Just impure ur soul from all thoughts that bring u sadness and depression . Think that u have to work to make world better . Give more than u take. Live for ur self and others . "Love for others What u love for ur self" As Prophet Muhammad (salla Allah alehy wa Salem) said . Then u will feel ur happiness and feel it . Find someone to love ,there is always someone awaiting for u , even u don't know him\her . Someone who dreams by ur personality . Everyone of us have some personal characteristics .And also we want to meet those people who r similar to us or not similar but we find something attract us . So Trust ur self that u will find that girl or that man who u wanted to meet since years. U will find him\her and he\she will find U. Then u will feel that ur happy.u will live happiness.Many millionaires want to give up everything they have to just feel that seconds of love .Money can bring sex not love.remember this well . lesten to ur soul. Wht do u want from living wht do u want from world and wht world wants from U. Don't ever think that its just moments u pass. U have a reason in ur life.Feel god in ur heart.Look at his world.Do u see how beautiful is it . How vast and huge is it . Its a huge universe contains many and many galaxies each galaxy contains many stars and planets.

U still sad in ur dark small room the universe is still moving=ving and planets still going around and around . U ur so small right?. Do u feel how small r u now comparing with this univerise.Be sure that ur sadness r so much smaller also. After a while the world will change . Will u live the change?.Don't be sad yo!!!."Be beautiful to see world beautifully"Eliya abou madi said.Now listen to ur heart music heart is still beating . Saying wake up wake up.u still have eye to the world's beauty an ear to hear the bird's sing.Cheer up!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

being an egyptian girl: ** part two(am starting to sound like an R rated movie l:-)

The dream of ridiculous man and 9/11

Wht is this name from ??? Its so rational question , Its a short story by Feaodor Dostoevsky . It was about someone who was so mocked-at guy, they laugh at him , he knows the truth . hmmm, about that he decided to buy a pistol to shot him self dead , suicide, he got bored of himself . HE IS A COWARD he can't do it , he admit. Yeah he can't do that .He slept one night and dreamed that he trasferred to another world . Something like paradise . He found so much great people . people like angels . They r almost angels . He lived with them after a while .... But the surprise is comming . He spoiled them . Yes he spoiled them. Its so much strange story. But it so much great .I like Dostoevsky so much .Do u think that u can spoil angels . Or good people .. I feel that I am spoiled inside . I can't feel those feelings of old days . Those feelings of pure soul . Oh god help us please . Its so much great to write those stuff. I wonder will somebody will read these words . Anyway I write this cause I want to write this . I have no purpose yes no purpose wht I am serving . In this world. I feel that I have headache. Do u know wht I am trying to leave all this and travel to anyplace in the world .. War made many things hard .. Its terrorism not war . They made everything so much hard I mean terorrists . Everything is hard . I am tired really. But I am trying to explain how 9/11 had an effect on me . Before 9/11 it was so much easy to get in America 9/11 it became so much hard to do that .So we looked toward Europe . Terrorists again liked to kick our dreams' ass away they do some fucking bombing in London and Madrid . We looked at QATAR so rich country in the gulf with high opportunity . They made their shots again . Oh god .This is a typical dream of a ridiculous man but in other meaning .