Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another blog

I have some problems in work , I think its usual . Maybe. But u know wht sometimes I feel that I am spoiled . I mean spiritually spoiled .Yeah really I feel T. I have some ideas .I bought about about the second world war. Its name is FROM D-DAY TO BERLIN. Its good and great book . I will summarize wht I read in that book so I can collect several and useful information from reading this book . Wht can u do that will be most useful and great to humanity.war is so much bad . Noon can imagine it through novels or movies. There is no music in war just the bombing and screaming sounds. Shouting and crying and dirty guys we have shed so much blood . Anyway do u know wht is the most great thing in my life .The most great god's Grace is my love D. . Yeah I love her so much .How do I miss her when she stop rining to me . How do i love her so much.

Monday, April 24, 2006


A terrorism action happened today in Dahab,Egypt . Some people lost some beloved ones.some destroyed shops,which some people earn their living so much bad.wht's going on in this world.i hate those guyz who do this.its unbelievable they can't understand any damn thing. They r so close minded they shut their minds and souls to any idea in contrast with u know wht. the most terrible thing there's GERMAN KID who is among u imagine how r his parents now??.God bless the this is a white flower for Peace.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

thank u god

i feel i am tired inside and outsid but el hamd lelah.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

i finished the exam

i hope i did well en sha' allah. i am happy thank u allah so much . anyway hmmm i am still trying to make my web site . i downladed some firles about HTME language . i hope i will make it soon in sha' allah . anyway , i have nothing to say . i a m goiing to buy my new cell phone . i hope i will get someone nice

Friday, April 14, 2006

2nd Mid term

i have a mid-term exam , i didn't prepare well !! .May god help me . anyway , i am phsyco. i got latley that i think in stranbge diffcult wrong tracks , yeah tracks . our thinking ways go in tracks . if u got the wrog track u then go in bad thinking way. i restrain my self in a so tiet hole. and start . i got tired of this . anyway i am still happy in in much grace . thank u god.

Monday, April 10, 2006

some demonstrators hold the photos of president Mubarak , Minister of Interior and the Prime Minister . Wrote under the photo " Egypt Lost in ur Regime,People despaired from ur injustice FUCK OFF "

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Now i should spread the idea of my website in several FORUMS and try my luck . People acceptance well make me succesful . i will try to convience them.anyway God help me !! Amen . wew i dream to be like those guyz who stablished GOOGLE or Yahoo. why not. anyway don't think that i forget about my PRINCESS .. take care yo.... hey i need ur support


Yep,do u know with i feel when i hear her voice , do u know how much i waited for someone who cares about me like that.its many and many nights i spent alone in my bed room, when i dreamed to be so much great man, i dreamed to be a soldier , i dreamed to be a hero , i dreamed to be a president of USA ,yeah dreams and dreams , i will never quit dreaming , How beautifully is she like a princess , how kind is she like an angel . I will never forget that piece of fine art , I will never forget that portrait , TWO LOV ERS SIT BEFORE THE SEA SHORE while the sun was sitting , moon and stars were shining and the so far ships shined their lights to declare their existence in the Vast sea . They were two , only two without any third but GOD . I will never forget that portrait you my dear people , cause I was there . I was the man who is sitting beside the princess. I can swear that I will never forget that. It was beuftfull to make anyone drunk. Do u wanna know about the first kiss!!!! , it was her mouth her lips. I remember , I remember well. I beg u god to be together me and her forever . plz god . Anyway I still have some new ideas in my head . I will fight to make it come true . Its about my future. Anyway don't ask me about the French kiss cause its secrete between me and my PRINCESS !!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am waiting

Love is great right?. Yeah so much great . I know the answer well. I am waiting for my girl friends call. She used to call me in night , we spend hours talking and talking . How is great is that to find someone who loves u so much . Yeah, no dought that my heat feels some pain lately all of this beause of her family she is yopunger than me and we live in the middle east .so they don't give her much freedomd about those stuff. but anyway i am good man who intends and plans to marry her one day.all i know that i love her so much and i thank god that i found her finally .yeah thank u god. thank u god for evry every thing .

I am trying to make something new

i am in the library of the american univeristy in cairo . i have an idea that is hunting me since somedays , i wanna establish an orgaization for serving knowlege and culuture . a web site that provide services to web users . this webv site will provide serach services on the web . dop u see those guyz who sit before the monitor to search for some photos and information to support thier researches , now here is the soultion u give me a subject ( not a word) and i provide u a package of information about this subject includes photos , sound tracks , vedios and some abstract of some web sitss ., and there is another service on the site that Questions and answers services u ask me a question i give u a package of information about it. like for example u ask me about the cause of the second world war . i give u information about the causes which is supported by sound tracks and vedioes and books PDFs and photos. hmmm i hope i will make it true ... in respect of the last post i think there were a problem in posting so there is no word from my words published ,
anyway later guyz
i want many people in my next website

Friday, April 07, 2006

An Introduction

Hi good ma peeps,
Since along time i wanted to expresse my self to this strange world . I always have some ideas that i want all people in da world to know . I don't call ma self a preacher or...whoever !! i am just and simply MY SELF . Since along time i feel that i have to change ma own life . Sometimes they say change is the most hard and diffcult thing in this world . Wht do u think about this say yo guyz and gals?? Hmmm its dawn now here . i am tired so .... later !!!